Elizabeth Pritzker Appointed to Leadership for Consumer Class in In re Google Play Consumer Antitrust Litigation

December 16, 2020 – Pritzker Levine is pleased to announce that firm partner, Elizabeth C. Pritzker, has been appointed as Liaison Counsel for the Consolidated Consumer Class in In re Google Play Consumer Antitrust Litigation a position that Judge James Donato of the Northern District of California described as “a critical role in the case.”

The Google Play Consumer Antitrust Litigation is a consolidated consumer antitrust action accusing Google of unlawfully limiting competition by forcing Android users to use the Google Play app store and levying a supra-competitive fee on app store purchases.  This multi-track litigation also includes a consolidated app developer antitrust class action, as well as a direct action by a video game and software developer and publisher, Epic Games.

Elizabeth C. Pritzker is a co-founding partner of Pritzker Levine, where she represents consumers, shareholders and businesses harmed by corporate wrongdoing and unfair competition.  Elizabeth practices exclusively in the areas of litigation, trial and client counseling. She has prosecuted cases against monopolists, price-fixing cartels, big tech, major manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and the NCAA.

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