Firefighter PFAS Litigation

Pritzker Levine was the first law firm in the country to assert claims on behalf of firefighters across the U.S. against the manufacturers and distributors of the protective clothing worn by firefighters in the line of duty, as well as PFAS chemical and AFFF foam companies.  The firm’s attorneys serve on the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee in In Re AFFF MDL, a multidistrict litigation pending in federal court in South Carolina against all manufacturers, sellers and distributors of firefighting foams and clothing containing PFAS chemicals.  The firm’s attorneys, which include Richard Seal, a former battalion chief in the San Jose Fire Department, have taken a leading role in representing firefighters injured as a result of their on-the-job exposure to PFAS chemicals.  

PFAS are human-made chemicals that are known as “forever chemicals” because they are immune to degradation, bio-accumulate in individual organisms and humans, and increase in concentration up the food chain. PFAS exposure to humans can occur through inhalation, ingestion and dermal contact. PFAS have been associated with multiple and serious adverse health effects in humans including cancer, tumors, liver damage, immune system and endocrine disorders, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, ulcerative colitis, birth defects, decreased fertility and pregnancy-induced hypertension. PFAS are commonly used in turnout gear and firefighting foams.

Pritzker Levine LLP offers personal, attentive and professional legal services to current and former firefighters across the country who have been diagnosed and treated for cancers and other serious illnesses caused by years of on-the-job exposure to toxic PFAS chemicals present in the firefighting foams used and turnout gear worn by firefighter in the line of duty. We rigorously represent every claim for every firefighter client, and make it a standard practice to keep our clients fully informed of developments in every case so they have peace of mind knowing that their cases are getting the attention they deserve. 

If you are a current or former firefighter, have been diagnosed or treated with cancer or ulcerative colitis, and would like to learn how our firefighter PFAS attorneys can help you, or to discuss a possible claim, please contact Heather Haggarty at or Rick Seal at for a free consultation.