Free and open markets are the foundation of a vibrant economy that benefits both individuals and businesses with lower prices, more choices, greater innovation and better products. Price-fixing, anticompetitive mergers and collusive business practices can harm competition and increase the price of goods and services used by consumers and businesses.
Federal and state antitrust laws exist in order to protect our free market system. Antitrust laws protect consumers and businesses from anticompetitive practices that unfairly inflate prices. Consumers and businesses are often injured by price collusion, abuse of market power and deceptive or fraudulent business practices. Federal antitrust laws also can prohibit mergers and acquisitions that may inhibit competition and create a monopoly.
Pritzker Levine LLP regularly represents companies and consumers in the prosecution of individual and class action antitrust lawsuits under federal and state antitrust laws. The firm’s attorneys have led and prosecuted antitrust cases in a variety of industries, including consumer electronics, consumer goods, insurance products and services, air transportation, and pharmaceuticals.
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